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Europa im Blick (Focus on Europe), Architecture Calendar 2004-2008, format Din A1, with booklet featuring European themes; commissioned by the Goethe-Institut and worldwide distribution through the network of the Goethe-Institut branches, targeted at German language students. Concept, Photography, research, project management by Jenner Zimmermann, ISBN 3-933115-99-X

Excerpts of the 13 DIN A1 pages


Three calendars with text sections commissioned by the Goethe-Institut; 1999Goethe, Life Lines, Goethe-Calendar ’97. Themes: J.W.von Goethe today, youth/pupil-groups in life changing circumstances, youth culture in Berlin and Hamburg, format DIN A2 (only title page of each calendar is presented here), targeted at German language students, commissioned and worldwide distribution through the Goethe-Institut branches. Concept, research, photography, project management by Jenner.


Exhibition portfolio for the language department of the Goethe Institute:

Klara Weiss, A Bavarian Country Woman’s Tale, 1989/1992

(German/ Originaltitel) Klara Weiss, Eine Bäuerin erzählt

12 Photographic tableaus; research concept, photography, intro by Jenner,

Text by Herrad Meese