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New Zealand

A photographic volume on the topic of immigration by six Photographers. The sponsorship of Agfa New Zealand enabled this publication. Publisher, editor, preface author and contributor – Jenner Zimmermann. Together with the contributing Photographers Arno Gasteiger, Haruhiko Sameshima, Glenn Jowitt, Gil Hanly, Greg Semu. Published 1996, Format 27,5 x 30 cm, 128 pages, 127 colour and b/w photographs. ISBN 0-473-03631-2 (hard cover edition), 0-473-03630-4 (soft cover edition).

New Zealand – By the Way presents six Photographers who each created their own individual Photographic essay on the topic of immigration. Three Photographers are immigrants and see New Zealand through foreign eyes, while three Photographers are New Zealand-born and look at immigration groups in New Zealand. A visual dialogue between two groups of Photogra-phers from very different backgrounds.