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India publications

India bibliography

  • Tausend Früchte, tausend BlütenFrauen aus Indien verändern die Welt, German edition DRAUPADI Verlag Heidelberg, 2021;
  • English edition: For one another – Indian women’s work for the common good, captured in photos and stories, TUSHITA Publ,. NZ, 2022
  • Indien – Das Licht der Weisheit und die Farben des Lebens, GERSTENBERG Verlag/Germany 2009; Polish edition published by BUCHMANN /Poland, 2014
  • Indiens vegetarische Küche, CHRISTIAN Verlag/Germany 2013; English edition of India’s Vegetarian Cuisine, by KYLE CATHY Publ./UK, 2006
  • India – Tempels und Legends, BUCHER Verlag/Germany 1990; English edition 1991,
  • Indische Heilige – Porträts, LIST Verlag/Germany, 1986
  • Indien – Augenblick und Ewigkeit, LIST Verlag/Germany 1985; Italian edition by Rizzoli/Italy 1986

New Zealand publication

New Zealand – By the way Immigrant Photographers & Photographs of Immigrants, published by AGFA New Zealand and Jenner Zimmermann, 1996 Contributors: Arno Gasteiger, Jenner Zimmermann, Haruhiko Sameshima, Glenn Jowitt, Gil Hanly, Greg Semu. Publishing co-ordinator Jenner Z.

Book reviews

Book reviews of the author’s India books have appeared in many German-language newspapers, such as: DIE ZEIT and the ZEIT weekly magazine, Frankfurter Allgemeine, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Frankfurter Rundschau, Die Welt, Neue Westfälische, Münchner Abendzeitung and in many other regional newspapers; Leica Photography, Nikon News etc.

In India: The Hindu, The Statesman, Newstime, Mumbai Mirror, Times of India

New Zealand book reviews 1996/97: Art New Zealand Magazine, NZ Listener Magazine, NZ Geographic, North and South, Southern Skies, NZ Herald, Daily Telegraph, Waikato Times, TV3 Nightline and National Radio Interviews