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India 2021

New Photography and text volume:

Tausend Früchte, tausend BlütenFrauen aus Indien verändern die Welt (German edition) Draupadi Verlag, Heidelberg, ISBN 978-3-945191-67-5, release October 2021

Latest book by Jenner on the life achievements of eight Indian women. Featuring their outstanding engagements for the environment, social justice and the common good. Monograph. Book concept, text, photography and layout by Jenner Zimmermann. Format 24x30cm, appr. 220 pages, 122 colour illustrations, Text; German and English language editions.

The author showcases eight exceptional Indian women in photographic and text portraits. Two of them are world renowned (Dr Vandana Shiva, Amma) and one is a German actress who became an Indian. All eight of them – each in their own way – made unconventional life choices and went on to initiate self-sufficient and far-reaching projects for the common good. The reach of these public welfare projects extends beyond the general Indian community to the entire world.

I feel as though I know her – The extraordinary life’s work of eight visionary Indian women, captured in photos and stories (English edition)

Indian women during the festival of Navratri, a spring and autumn festival, lasting nine days, attributed to nine Indian goddesses